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Newbie - Some like it raw!

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July 11th, 2007

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07:13 pm - Newbie
I'm currently a vegetarian, and and preparing to "go raw" for the first time. My yoga class is doing a raw food challenge next week, and I was doing some research as to what, actually, a raw food diet was, and ended up buying a book "RAWvolution."

Now, it's going to be rough for me still living at home with parents that aren't going go go with me on it, but are supportive of the decision. I'm in the process of buying the toys (dehydrator, juicer, Spirooli slicer, etc.) because I want to do a raw food diet right, but I was wondering if anyone could suggest any resources or could give me any tips on living raw when those around me aren't.

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Date:July 12th, 2007 08:54 pm (UTC)
In case you haven't already, I suggest joining Jinjee's daily newsletter (scroll down in the entries a bit) but she's been kind of quiet as of late because she just had a baby. Read through her family's story on her website, it's pretty cool!

Staying on track at first is going to be really hard. Surround yourself with your favorite raw foods if craving carbs (especially bread, omg it sucks) and keep referring to books and websites for inspiration. This is an exciting adventure! Enjoy it!!

Books I own are:
Juliano's RAW: A coffee table book as it has beautiful pictures but limited explanations for beginners.
Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Dr. Gabriel Cousins: His 3-phase method involves more of a cleansing diet, ridding the blood of fungi and yeast. Half the book is medical explanation (really interesting) and the other half is recipes. I really like this book, must've read it cover to cover four times now.. but I, for one, like my raw mushrooms so I take his advice with a grain of salt.
The Raw Truth by Jeremy something, can't remember: Great beginner book. Covers equipment and sprouting techniques. I haven't tried many recipes from here because nearly all require a dehydrator (I don't have one :( although they say putting it in the oven at the lowest temp setting will accomplish the same thing.. hasn't worked for me)
I've read through Raw Food for the Real World and like it a lot. The price is the only thing getting in the way of purchasing it. (Like $40, yikes!) The authors talk about their experiences and aren't so matter-of-fact as many of the gurus are. Nature's First Law by David Wolfe is the starting point for many raw veganazi's and it's a little extreme but makes for an entertaining quick read. Flip through it if you find it at a bookstore.

Forgive this novel that I've written..
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Date:July 12th, 2007 09:27 pm (UTC)
I appriciate the novel, actually. Gives me a good frame of reference to work from. I've already been cutting back on breads, and adding more raw fruits and vegetables, but I want a more well-rounded diet, especially including sea vegetables (seaweed, blue-green algea) for b-12 and calcium.

Plus, it has to taste better and have better variety to have recipes than to eat salads day after day. I like salad, though.

I think the biggest problem that I'm facing now is bringing all of the raw ingredients into the house with mom and dad's non-raw stuff. I'm afraid I'll get crowded out. But, I'm sure as I start making the transition, I'll be able to have better luck. I just need to get some momentum.

Anyway, thanks for the input!

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