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May 12th, 2007

08:28 pm
Daryl stumbled across this site the other day - Gone Raw. It's only a couple months old and so far it's seen a lot of activity. It's just ordinary people like you and me with ordinary lives and ordinary budgets submitting their favorite recipes. Sign up and you can save recipes to a recipe box and comment on ones you've tried. Pretty neat. It came at a good time because I was starting to get frustrated with the recipe sites from celebrity raw chefs just trying to hawk their latest e-book..

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May 11th, 2007

10:55 pm
Haven't posted in a few days.. so here goes! I've been pretty busy trying out new recipes and such. This week I tried using soaked nuts for the first time. I have a small food chopper/processor that isn't the best suited to actually grind things so it'll mince very finely instead. I tried making a cashew, carrot, and ginger soup and ended up chewing most of it.. ick. But today I picked up a cheap coffee grinder and it makes nut flours perfectly. I have a bag of whole raw cacao I've been dying to use so that was the first thing I ground up. It went into a banana and date smoothie for lunch and was delicious!!

Wednesday was such a gorgeous day, we packed a lunch and headed to the ocean. I still had leftover ingredients for the dolmas (The collards having staying power! Although they did get a little soft.) and I figured it was perfect finger food. Threw some of those in a cooler along with a bag of almonds, two apples, and two bananas and we were off! Eating raw with your toes in the warm sand! Loved it!!

Tonight's dinner was a strange misadventure.. as first I tried making a nut pate of soaked sunflower seeds, garlic, and red bell pepper but as I said before, the chopper only minces. It wasn't good at all and I don't think it could've been saved. So then I was leftover with 2/3 of the pepper and I was planning on making "Neatballs" out of the Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine book anyway.. it called for pecans but I didn't have much left so I substituted mostly cashews with what I had left for almonds and pecans. I ground it all down along with some flax. Into the chopper went some celery, cauliflower, fennel seeds, salt and pepper and was mixed until a somewhat smooth consitancy. It looked more like onion dip than anything. The wet was mixed with the dry, and voila, slop! The recipe called for it to be formed into balls and dehydrated for an hour or two, but I just spread it on the leftover pepper. It reminded me of sausage, with the whole fennel seeds in there and would have quite resembled it if I used 100% pecans. A green salad with a simple avocado dressing is on the side. Even this plate was too much to eat.. I could only eat one of the stuffed peppers, saving the other two for lunch at work tomorrow.

This is a daikon salad and raw sushi that we made a couple weeks ago. It never made it off the camera until now. Oops. The salad is just shredded daikon, carrots, and cucumber, and I can't remember what exactly was in the dressing but it was damn good. I see purple cabbage in there too. The sushi was the leftover ingredients of the salad with some mango. I don't know how I feel about the untoasted nori sheets. It was fairly overpowering for my taste..

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May 5th, 2007

05:12 pm - Jinjee and the Garden Diet
I just wanted to take a minute and let anyone know who's reading this and interested in raw food, you should sign up for Jinee's daily raw newsletter on her website, TheGardenDiet.com. She links to news articles, recipes, and once in a while she releases new videos on her youtube page here.

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May 4th, 2007

11:48 pm - Cashews
Ever wonder where cashews come from? Why aren't they in the mixed bag of shellable nuts? Read more...Collapse )

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May 2nd, 2007

12:07 pm - Dolmas
Although I am not 100% raw nor vegan, the recipes are really fun to make. Last night I made raw dolmas, which are a version of stuffed grape leaves by loosely following this recipe here:

I'm not big on measuring so here's what I did for the filling:
A handful of pinenuts
A little more raisins than pinenuts
Enough olive oil to coat
Some fresh dill, ripped up
Two shakes of Celtic Sea Salt
Couple grinds of pepper (not too much as the collards have a peppery flavor themselves)

Stir to combine and let marinate while you prepare the leaves. I didn't do them all at once as I didn't know how many the filling would make but slice the large vein out as she does in the video. Instead of sectioning them up, I used a whole side per roll. Put a spoonful of filling on the dull green side and roll, folding in one side as you go, kind of like a burrito. Super easy and crazy tasty.. the filling made enough rolls for two people with a side of peeled carrot and sliced kiwi.

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